Hiking Trails

in Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve

Daily Public Access, 7 a.m. to Sunset

Elachee Nature Science Center invites you to hike the 8-mile trail system in the 1,440-acre Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve.

Savor the tranquil beauty of one of Georgia’s most diverse and largest protected green spaces. This urban wilderness features rolling typography and four diverse habitats: woodland, lake, stream and wetland.

Hours & Access

Hiking Trails

Open Daily, 7 a.m. to Sunset

Trail Markers

Find color-coded trail markers posted every 0.25 mile. Mileage ascends clockwise.


Free Public Access: Hiking Trails

Parking: Chicopee Woods Conservation Area

  • Daily Parking Fee
    • $5 per Passenger Vehicle
    • $10 per 15-Passenger Van or Bus
  • Annual Parking Pass: $50 per Vehicle

Elachee Visitor Center/Exhibits SEASONAL HOURS


  • Prohibited:
    • Dogs or Pets
    • Horses
    • Fishing and Hunting
    • Removing Plants, Animals, Rocks or Other Natural Materials from the Nature Preserve
  • Pack It In. Pack It Out. Leave No Trace.
  • No Bikes, eBikes or other Motorized Vehicles on Hiking Trails

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Trail Descriptions
Chicopee Woods Hiking Trails
Trail System Operation and Maintenance

Elachee operates and maintains the Chicopee Woods Hiking Trail System thanks to a dedicated Volunteer Trail Crew.

As a private, not-for-profit organization, Elachee relies on memberships and financial support to keep these pedestrian trails pristine and accessible for the visiting public.


Dodd Loop

Enjoy a self-guided hike among the diverse topography of Walnut Creek Valley that includes some steep sections. SEE GUIDE


0.64-Mile Loop



Trail Head / Access Point(s)

Elachee Visitor Center near the E-House and Pollinator Garden to the service drive

Geiger Trail

Travel this paved and gently graded trail (stroller-accessible) that winds through Piedmont Oak-Hickory Forest featuring storybook kiosks and breathtaking views of the Walnut Creek Valley.


0.4-Mile Trail



Trail Head / Access Point(s)

Becky Geiger Pavilion at Elachee Visitor Center to the picnic area

Elachee Creek Loop

Take a brisk hike around Elachee Creek and get your heart rate up along steep sections of the trail.


0.42-Mile Loop



Trail Head / Access Point(s)

Elachee Visitor Center picnic area

Ridge Trail

Hike through Oak-Hickory Forest along the trail from the Dodd Loop to a Tulip Tree-Hardwood Forest at the intersection with Bridge Loop. Veer left onto Bridge Loop for a longer hike or stay right to return to Elachee Visitor Center.


0.35-Mile Loop



Trail Head / Access Point(s)

Elachee Visitor Center starting at the Dodd Loop and ending at Bridge Loop

Upland Trail

Experience a transition in topography, hiking from upland dry successional forest to riparian stream habitat along Vulture Rock Creek.


0.65-Mile Trail



Trail Head / Access Point(s)

Start at the Bridge Loop near the Elachee Visitor Center gravel trail head parking lot and end at the Bridge Loop near Vulture Rock Creek.

Bridge Loop

Hike this moderate-difficulty loop that crosses through diverse Piedmont forest types with five bridged stream crossings, including the 140-ft. suspension bridge.


2.91-Mile Loop



Trail Head / Access Point(s)

Two access points in the Elachee Visitor Center gravel trail head parking lot

Lake Loop

Hike this moderate-difficulty loop that takes you over a large earthen dam, then tracks through several stream riparian zones and diverse forest types. Experience the 140-ft. suspension bridge along a 0.4-mile overlap with the Bridge Loop.


3.0-Mile Loop



Trail Head / Access Point(s)

Two access points at the Chicopee Woods Aquatic Studies Center at Chicopee Lake

Trail Routes
Chicopee Woods Hiking Trails
Tips for Trail Use
Chicopee Woods Hiking Trails

Come Prepared

  • Dress appropriately for the season and weather conditions.
  • Trail conditions vary according to the weather. Bridges may ice over and slopes become slippery.
  • Bring your own water and carry plenty of it.
  • There are no restroom facilities along the hiking trails. Portable restrooms at Chicopee Lake and the Elachee Visitor Center gravel trail head lot.
  • Visitor restrooms available only during Elachee Visitor Center open hours.

Think Before You Touch

  • Be alert. Give wild creatures living along the trails and in the woods a wide berth.
  • Most plants along the trails and in the woods are “people-friendly,” but a few like poison ivy are not. Learn to identify problem plants and give them a wide berth, too.
  • Resist the temptation to put your fingers in interesting holes along the trails to avoid providing some critter a snack!

If You Encounter Problems on the Trails

  • See a tree down or notice a maintenance issue? Report to Elachee at 770-535-1976 or EMAIL US.
  • Call 911 in case of emergency.
    • Reference the trail you are on and the nearest mile marker (posted every 0.25 mile along each trail).
    • If you are near the Elachee Visitor Center, give this address: 2125 Elachee Drive, Gainesville, GA 30504
    • If you are near the Chicopee Woods Aquatic Studies Center at Chicopee Lake, give this address: 2100 Calvary Church Road, Gainesville, GA 30507