Free Range Art at Elachee

Vision 2030 Incorporates Art into Nature

October 28, 2022 (Gainesville, Ga.) – Elachee Nature Science Center is proud to be the current stop for a captivating composition that is part of the Vision 2030 Public Art Free Range Art Project initially launched across Gainesville-Hall County in 2018. The mesmerizing Through Their Eyes mixed media artwork reproduction now hangs alongside one of the busiest pathways at Elachee, positioned for all to stop and enjoy.

“Elachee is thrilled to partner with Vision 2030 to promote its goal of making various forms of art accessible,” says Sarah Bell, Elachee President and CEO. “Elachee has a long history of incorporating art into nature, dating all the way back to one of our founding mothers, Rosemary Dodd. Having this piece is so exciting, and we hope to continue working with Vision 2030 to bring art ‘into the woods.’” 

Imagined and created by Anna Cate Ramsey when a 9th grade student at Gainesville High School, the three sets of eyes now gaze upon the incomparable scenery of the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve. This composition is ideal, speaking to children and nature lovers arriving at Elachee hoping their visit may include an animal encounter.

Through Their Eyes is one of many traveling art pieces championed by the Vision 2030 Public Art Chair Frank Norton, Jr., and the Public Art Committee. This art is intended to help achieve the collaborative’s goal of ‘art everywhere.’ Members of The Norton Agency’s maintenance division – Nick Day, Jim Hawkins and Cody Robinson – meticulously installed the 8-foot square artwork at Elachee anchoring this piece to an exterior wall. Their engineered hanging system will allow Elachee to hang different art there when Through Their Eyes eventually moves to its next destination.

“The Vision 2030 Public Art Committee has a ‘Free Range’ art program that takes original pieces of artwork and enlarges them to 8-foot by 8-foot panels which can be placed in both indoor and outdoor locations,” explains Allyson Everett who serves on the Vision 2030 Steering Committee. “Free range art represents a broad range of styles, colors and subject matter. The originals are scanned and reproduced to this large scale turning even smaller photos or sketches into dynamic, large public art pieces. These mobile pieces of art can be found along walls, in outdoor spaces, stairwells, business lobbies and along trails so they reach a larger audience and feel like an unexpected gift to passersby.”

Through Your Eyes is one of over two dozen Hall County children’s murals currently on exhibit primarily outdoors around the Elachee campus.

Discover, Learn, Play

Elachee Nature Science Center is busy year-round welcoming visitors to discover, learn and play as they delight in quality nature experiences. These range from K-12 children’s programsCamp Elachee summer day camps, seasonal public nature encounters and events, adult learning programs and self-guided interpretive ecology and live animal exhibits.

A robust volunteer corps partners with Elachee in conservation initiatives. These efforts support and maintain the 12.24-mile hiking trail system in the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve, enjoyed by hikers from around north Georgia. This 1,440-acre woodland is one of Georgia’s largest protected and most ecologically diverse green spaces.

The Nature Center campus is also home to Elachee Nature Academy, an accredited and licensed school managed by Elachee, offering Preschool and Primary Grade level programs.

Elachee relies on earned income, donations, grants, corporate partnerships and sponsorships, and the annual Flights of Fancy event to fund operations and to offer quality nature programs and ecology events on campus and in the Nature Preserve.

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