Elachee Attractions

Pollinator Exhibit


View vibrant murals of winged Georgia pollinators imagined and painted by students from 30 area schools’ art programs, in PreKindergarten to 12th grade.

Ecology Exhibits


Stroll the Nature Center grounds to study plants in interpretive exhibits. Learn to identify 10 tree species each visible from the Elachee Visitor Center balcony. Study the history of the Chicopee Woods.

Outdoor Aviary


Observe and interact with a Great Horned Owl, Bufo Virginianus.

This a resident teaching assistant and Elachee Animal Ambassador is a legendary predator found in every Georgia county and is the largest owl species in our state. Blind in one eye, his rehabilitation team determined he cannot survive in the wild.

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Sunny Sunny

Ed Dodd Self-Guided Trail

Take a 0.64-mile hike to experience the diverse forest and topography of the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve.