Beaver Behaviors
April 22, 2022
Beavers at Chicopee Lake Do What Comes Naturally
Doppelganger Reptiles in North Georgia
April 22, 2022
Snake Sensibility: How to Avoid Misidentification
Elachee Welcomes Newest Trustee
March 31, 2022
The Elachee Nature Science Center Board of Trustees has seated Gainesville native Chris Romberg as its newest member.
Minnows Tell the Story
March 30, 2022
University research on minnow populations in Chicopee Woods gives evidence relating to water quality and habitat balance within the Walnut Creek area.
Spring Triggers
March 29, 2022
There is more than meets the eye at Chicopee Lake as spring triggers renewed activity among its ecosystems.
Baby Animal Season
March 01, 2022
While it is only natural to want to help an animal you feel is in need of assistance, sometimes your intervention can do more harm than good.
A Year in the Life at Chicopee Lake
February 28, 2022
Visit the Chicopee Lake wetland any time of year to view waterfowl.
10 Spring Wildflowers
February 14, 2022
A handy pictorial guide to flora you will likely see in Chicopee Woods.
A Year in the Life of Chicopee Lake
February 02, 2022
January 2022 Journal: Black Willow Riverbank Shrubland
Welcome Feathered Friends
February 01, 2022
6 Must-Do’s to Make Your Yard Bird-Friendly