Snake Day 2020 at Elachee

Elachee Nature Science Center will not hold its most popular seasonal public festival in September, as originally planned.

“We are sorry to announce the cancellation this year of our most popular nature program, Snake Day,” confirms Andrea Timpone, Elachee President and CEO. “We made this very difficult decision with the safety of our exhibitors, visitors and staff in mind. The Elachee family looks forward to healthier times ahead when we will be able to again share our unique learning experiences with visitors,” through public events such as Snake Day.

READ PRESS RELEASE: Snake Day 2020 Cancelled

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Snake Day 2021 is Saturday, September 11

Snake Day is a seasonal Elachee public nature program that celebrates all things reptilian, giving children, families and nature lovers the chance to learn more about the value of snakes, lizards, toads, frogs, tortoise and turtles, and other reptiles in our own back yards.

The Elachee organization is very grateful to the event sponsors, exhibitors, vendors and volunteers for their support and hard work on planning this annual event.