Recycled Totes

Elachee Volunteers Give New Life to Old Banners

Elachee Nature Science Center uses fabric banners to announce special environmental education and conservation programming at the Nature Center. So where do old banners go to die? They live on, thanks to the ingenuity of Elachee Volunteers Connie Barrow and Deborah Ingram.

Connie felt something should be done with these banners. The fabric was in good condition. How could they be reused and repurposed? She found a pattern and recruited Deborah to help take the idea from concept to finished product!

Deborah has handcrafted a line of tote bags she makes from old Elachee banners. Each tote carries a unique design, specific to how she chose to cut the fabric and finish it.

Purchase a Recycled Elachee Tote Bag, while supplies last, for $6.00* each. These are available at the Elachee Nature Shop weekdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., or during a Discovery Saturday.

*plus applicable sales tax and/or shipping