West Lake Trail Progress Report

Since early 2015, the Elachee Volunteer Trail Crew has been working on the relocation of a portion of West Lake Trail to prevent its collapse into Vulture Rock Creek.

“This is a great example of how our trail crew addresses erosion of a trail,” says Carol van Dyck, a volunteer trail crew member since 2003. “The trail next to the creek has eroded to a very narrow space and the solution was to reroute up on the side of the hill and reconnect on the other side. We are nearly finished and it should last for decades to come.”

The reroute climbs a hill with switchbacks then reconnects to the original trail about 500 feet from the suspension bridge. The project should be completed in late February and the new section of trail will be used during Elachee’s Trillium Trek Trail Run on March 19.

“Trail crew gives me the opportunity to not only build the trail, but maintain the forest for future generations of hikers,” Carol continues. “Maintenance is just as important as new trail. I feel honored to be a part of that.”

Come and help the Elachee preserve management team take care of this beautiful treasure, the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve with its winding 12 miles of hiking trails, for everyone to enjoy now and in the future.

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