Watch Your Step!

In July, Georgia Power Company’s Northeast Region brought Elachee in to present a custom environmental education program at a series of Safety “Re-Kick” Workshops for its field and office staff working from the Athens, Cornelia, Gainesville and Madison locations. The goal was to make these individuals aware of and become familiar with potentially harmful plants and animals they may encounter on the job or at home. You never know which of nature's friends will pop out to greet you while walking around outdoors.

Peter Gordon, Elachee Nature Science Center Director of Education, shared relevant details on a variety of dangerous plant and animal life.

“Peter’s presentation provided great insight on a number of insects, plants and snakes that helped clear up some misunderstandings many of us have about how these items can injure or cause harm to a person,” shares Lenn Chandler, Vice President for Georgia Power Company-Northeast Region. “He also provided great suggestions on how to avoid or minimize the injury.”

Lenn attended each workshop. Although discussions on poison ivy, poison sumac, and stinging insects such as honey bees, yellow jackets, velvet ants, buck moth, saddleback and puss caterpillars were enlightening, he’d probably agree the highlight of each gathering was the live snake collection Peter brought for show and tell.

Elachee’s live display of venomous snakes, several native to northeast Georgia, included a Cottonmouth, Copperhead, Canebrake Rattlesnake and Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake. These venomous vipers were loaned to Elachee for this outdoor safety training by herpetology expert Johnny Hester of Braselton, Ga., one of Elachee’s annual Snake Day exhibitors.

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Or, if you simply want to relish all things reptilian, join us at Elachee for Snake Day 2016, Saturday, September 10, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.