Triple Play at Camp Elachee

Camp Elachee had three age-appropriate, diverse themes providing unique experiences for campers that ranged from exploring their senses and learning basic wilderness survival skills to archaeological adventures.

Camp Elachee: Week 3

Wow! What a week. Campers did so much during this jam-packed adventure, families may be hearing the "Oh, yeah, and we did..." stories for some time to come. All we know is that they want s'more!

PreK Camp, Sense of Wonder

It’s gotta be said, the PreK campers won the prize this week for getting to witness a very rare sight at Elachee. Their theme, ‘Sense of Wonder’ actually played out right in front of them when they happened on a Dung Beetle rolling his prize down the sidewalk (see video). 

Campers watched a Dung Beetle in action, a very rare sight at Elachee Nature Science Center caught on video and used as a teaching moment.This gave Camp Director Amy Bradford the unique opportunity for an impromptu nature lesson to better explain what they were seeing! They explored the five senses all week in every situation they encountered, whether hiking or playing in Elachee Creek.

Elementary Camp, Wilderness Survival

Camp Elachee 2017Elementary age campers had a great time learning how to ‘rough it’ in nature. Campers learned then tested their rope and knot tying skills. With a daily scavenger hunt, they made their way through Chicopee Woods by using orienteering and compass reading skills, as well as telling time by understanding the concept of sundials. As part of their time in the woods, counselors pointed out trees, plants and animals on the trails so as campers hiked throughout the week, they were able to identify the different species. Older campers also engaged in shelter building activities, learning how to construct various basic outdoor shelters.

Campers were treated to a campfire and fire safety demonstration, then got to cook and eat their s’mores. One camper was overheard saying s’mores day was the best day of her life!

The ‘predator and prey’ game was a great adventure on field day as teams competed using the same mechanisms ‘prey’ would use to protect themselves in the wild. They loved the relay course that had them demonstrating agility, balance and coordination – all to win points toward the ultimate prize, the golden pine cone award.

Middle School Camp, Archaeology Week

Camp Elachee 2017 middle schoolers had an archaeology dig with Jack Wynn.Middle schoolers were immersed in history this week with a field trip to Fort Daniel, learning about dinosaurs and fossils, and participating in a real-life archaeological dig. Campers had the privilege of spending a day with professional archaeologist Jack Wynn, an expert who has spent his career surveying archaeological sites in northeast Georgia. Jack led campers to an old home site in Chicopee Woods. Here campers learned the art of the shovel test, how to map an archaeological site and how to properly process found artifacts. They campers were thrilled to find pottery pieces, glassware and an imprinted tin canister.

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