Half Marathon: Course Map

2020 Trillium Trek Trail Run & Walk

Saturday Morning, April 18, 2020 Secure your race entry in the 2020 Trillium Trek Trail Run Half Marathon planned for Saturday morning, April 18, 2020 at Elachee Nature Science Center in Gainesville, GA.

8 a.m. ... Start Time: HALF-MARATHON RACE 

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Course Details

Races start in the Elachee Visitor Center parking lot with a brief portion of the race route along Elachee Drive (required for spacing), before entering the forest. Once in the forest, runners travel along the trails of Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve. The terrain features moderate single-track trails along rolling hills, with beautiful woodland scenery interspersed by several streams. 

Signage, confidence markers, and volunteers placed at nine turns make the route clearly defined and easy to follow. 

Course Length: The race course length has been hand-measured using a measuring wheel. The length shown by the Trail Run Project is digitally estimated and differs from the true length, which is approximately the required length for the course.

Course Route: Upon entering the forest on West Lake Trail, the route quickly turns right onto Dunlap Trail which then merges back into West Lake Trail. Runners continue along West Lake Trail as they run through the forest and across multiple bridges over streams. The trail crosses over a large earthen dam at Chicopee Lake, across the parking lot of the Chicopee Woods Aquatic Center, then reenters the woods on East Lake Trail

East Lake Trail terminates at the Mathis Trail, onto which runners make a right. Runners follow Mathis Trail. This trail dead ends. Turn right onto Ed Dodd Trail. Follow along Walnut Creek and up the hill to Geiger Trail onto which runners make a left.

Runners follow a marked path along Geiger Trail until they catch up with Elachee Creek Trail. They follow Elachee Creek Trail until they pick up Mathis Trail. They then turn right off Mathis Trail and onto Mathis Connector. Runners will be directed to make right onto West Lake Trail followed by an immediate left onto Dunlap Trail to repeat the Dunlap-West Lake-East Lake loop (as noted above).

After completing the second loop to Chicopee Lake, this time runners make a left from East Lake Trail onto Mathis Trail and then the Mathis Connector. Runners make a right onto West Lake Trail, then head back to the Elachee Visitor Center parking lot to cross the finish line. 

Water Stations: located at Chicopee Lake (~2.75 mi and ~8.5 mi), along East Lake Trail (~3.75 mi and ~9.5 mi), and Elachee Creek Trail (~6 mi and ~12 mi). 

Restrooms: will be available to participants at Chicopee Lake (~2.75 mi and ~8.5 mi).

LEARN MORE about the 2020 Trillium Trek Trail Run & Walk at Elachee Nature Science Center in Gainesville, GA.