The Art of Nature Journaling

Nature journaling. Sounds relaxing. It is! Don’t worry if you cannot draw well or if writing isn’t really your thing. And you don’t need a fancy journal. A simple lined notebook will do.

Start by recording current weather conditions, clouds, winds, etc. Date it, then start recording your observations: sights, sounds, smells, a bug you see, the color and texture of tree bark. As you become more comfortable you can focus on a single item and then sketch it.

All of a sudden, the world around you takes on a whole different look. For example, you realize that a turtle shell is more intricate than you imagined, one single tree has an inconceivable number of leaves and bugs are actually trend setters, sporting neon colors of all kinds!

Journaling is also a great activity to share with a child. Try it with your children…it is a great excuse to spend time outdoors!

7 Tips for a Fun Journaling 

  1. Notice colors, textures and shapes.
  2. Try leaf rubbings.
  3. Look under rocks.
  4. Listen…what do you hear?
  5. Splash in the creek.
  6. Use a hand lens.
  7. Have patience…have fun!