Taking Camp Elachee to the Extremes

WEEK 6: Fire and Ice

PSSST! Look below for a BIG announcement about the last camp week!

“It was awesome! I felt like I was on American Ninja Warrior,” one camper told his counselor about this week’s favorite camp activity, the Extreme Obstacle Course. See Highlights

Ciara Frakes, Camp Elachee 2016 Director agreed. “Our goal for Week 6 was to conquer the elements and come out victorious.”

In fact, the first two days of camp were sidetracked by pop-up thunderstorms bringing to life some of what they were learning at morning assembly and as part of their group projects. “Above all else, the rain didn’t stop us from having a good time,” Ciara confirmed.

Camp Elachee 2016 Week 6 highlighted an Extreme Obstacle Course that campers simply couldn't get enough of!No doubt, the highlight of the week was the Extreme Obstacle Course that ‘exposed’ campers to simulated extreme types of weather conditions. Two-by-two, campers ran through the thunderstorm and tornado tent, into the blizzard of instant mashed potato flakes (which had campers smelling like butter the rest of the day!), only to jump over the ‘broken’ asphalt where an earthquake had split the road apart before navigating through the avalanche of water balloons.

“They LOVED it,” said Ciara. “Everyone begged to go through the obstacle course again and again!”

But, let us not overlook the excitement of volcano day. Campers built their own volcanos and special guest judge 'Igneous Magma-nus' (who specializes in making things explode) led campers through the eruptions (science experiments with Mentos and Coca-Cola), then named the winning team.

While the younger campers were ‘battling the elements,’ the Middle School campers were on the road. They took a guided hike up Stone Mountain, going a different route that the public typically goes. Another day, they went kayaking at Sandy Creek Park and had up close encounters with a possum, deer, bears and bobcats. These campers also went on a wagon train, then panned for gold and gems in Dahlonega, finishing out their camp week at the Buford Dam fish hatchery.

What’s Next? A Big Finale to End Summer Break

"Let's end the summer in style!" Ciara has announced that the LAST camp week, July 25-29, is a Free-for-All for the PreK and Elementary Camps. Campers will get to re-live favor camp fun with an encore of the summer’s most popular activities: the Bat Cave Rave (see highlights), Mud Day (see highlights) and yes, the Extreme Obstacle Course. Add to this fantastic line up a Camp Elachee Luau and the now infamous camp wide scavenger hunt.

Planned Outdoor Adventures will put the exclamation point on summer break adventures for 6th-8th graders' camp week July 25-29, too. Middle School Camp will have campers tree climbing, riding mountain bikes, orienteering, rock climbing and cross-preserve hiking.

Camp Elachee: Where Nature is the Adventure

Camp Elachee 2016 goes through July 29Registration is now open online for remaining summer day camp themed weeks for Pre-K and Elementary (K-5th) and Middle Schoolers (6th-8th). Or call 770-535-1976 to register your child. 

Camps are held at Elachee Nature Science Center in North Georgia's Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve, Gainesville, GA.