Summer Swan Song

Camp Elachee Week 9: Free-for-All

From start to finish and every step in between, campers got to re-live their favorite experiences. As the younger campers were busy getting muddy, underwater raving, refining their hoola skills and conquering the extreme weather obstacle course, Middle School campers hit the road for their own outdoor adventures. See photo gallery.

As a special surprise, Camp Elachee 2016 was a stop on The Road To Rio, and our campers had a pep rally to learn more about Team USA and the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Representatives from Lake Lanier Convention and Visitors Bureau stopped by with goodie bags for each camper (and counselor), that included a poster of Gainesville's own 'magnificent 7,' members of the US Olympic Canoe and Kayak TeamCampers participated in Olympics Day as part of Team USA's Road to Rio leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

And while that was a once-in-a-lifetime treat, the repeat activities drove campers' energy levels all week. Adding to the excitement, all the skit characters from throughout the summer made an encore appearance at morning assembly. Earl and Pearl, Danger Daisy, the Radical River Riders, the Batmen and more. Plus, returning for its final installment, campers caught the latest buzz from E! News: News, Nature, Right Now Camp Elachee reporters.

"At least 50 percent of our campers this week had been to one of the 'favorite' camps earlier this summer," explains Ciara Frakes, Camp Elachee 2016 Director. "The anticipation built day after day as campers compared notes. The chatter caused a trickle was awesome." 

So, what did campers do this week?

DAY 1: Underwater Rave
As a nod to the previous glow in the dark Bat-Rave, this week's activity was all about water, black lights, glow sticks, sunglasses and, of course, dancing. The counselors said this rave was THE BEST dance party Camp Elachee has every had!

DAY 2: Creek Luau
Taking the luau games up a notch, Camp Elachee counselors-in-training were tasked with setting up the fun along Elachee Creek's beaches 1, 2 and 3. Beach volleyball in the creek was a bit hit, but ironically, it was the Beach Boys and Beatles' soundtracks that piqued the campers' interest. "What is this music? We like that." Parents, time to load a flashback playlist for your children!

DAY 3: Mud Day
It was another day of mud-boggling fun along Elachee Creek. Enough said. The Middle School Camp had an advanced tree climbing adventure and are so pumped about repeating the experience at Elachee's North Georgia Tree Festival on October 22! One camper told his counselor, "I've never been this happy in my life."

DAY 4: Extreme Weather Obstacle Course
What a day! Karioke mixed with flying mashed potato flakes to exceed even the most die hard campers' expectations. 

DAY 5: Watermelon Challenge
Campers gathered on Elachee's patio to watch as their counselors tossed each group's decorated watermelons onto the bullseye from the balcony above. 

When the camp was all said and done, every camper received a golden pinecone to remember their time at Camp Elachee.

Farewell until Spring Break and Summer 2017

Camp Elachee 2016 has been part of a blockbuster summer at Elachee. Camp Director Ciara Frakes and team have done a masterful job of making each and every day a magical experience for our campers.

Looking ahead, Camp Elachee 2017 registration opens in February. Mark your calendar for: