Home School Programs at Elachee

COVID-19 preparedness protocol for all Elachee field trip school programs at Elachee’s Main Campus, Chicopee Lake and at River Forks Park for the LLALC program:

  • Program attendees will be required to wear face coverings to every reasonable extent during their program (indoors and outdoors). Visiting Group Leader and/or other chaperones will be responsible for ensuring that this requirement is met.
  • Visiting Group Leader will be required to provide face coverings for all program attendees.
  • For a Lake Lanier Aquatic Studies Center (LLALC) program at River Forks Park, Elachee staff and the Chattahoochee River Keeper boat captain will be required to wear face coverings to every reasonable extent during the program (indoors and outdoors).

Field Trips for Home School Groups

Field trips to Elachee Nature Science Center are a must-do for any home study program, home school association or school system’s online school. Take advantage of our STEAM-based K-12 environmental curriculum by choosing among Elachee’s accredited, grade-specific field trip options available year-round. CHOOSE YOUR FIELD TRIP