Field Trips for High School: Grades 9-12

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COVID-19 Preparedness Protocol: Elachee personnel are required to wear face coverings to every reasonable extent during the indoor portion of your program. If your group has additional COVID-19 requirements, please discuss with the registrar at the time of booking. 

Aquatic Studies

  • Lake Lanier Aquatic Study

    During this Lake Lanier Aquatic Learning Center (LLALC) program, students will explore and analyze Georgia’s most important lake from the deck of the Chota Princess II floating classroom. GSE – SEV1-5, ELA9-12L4 LEARN MORE 
    PROGRAM FORMAT: Lake Lanier Field Trip

  • Lake Lanier Water Quality Index

    This Lake Lanier Aquatic Learning Center (LLALC) program is ideal for an AP Biology or Environmental Science class. Students conduct nine (9) different tests aboard the Chota Princess II floating classroom to determine the overall water quality of Lake Lanier. Tests include dissolved oxygen, fecal coliform, pH, biochemical oxygen demand, temperature change, total phosphates, nitrates, turbidity and total solids. Limited to 30 students. 
    GSE – SEV1-5, ELA9-12L4 LEARN MORE
    PROGRAM FORMAT: Lake Lanier Field Trip

Life Science

  • Stream Life

    Catch and classify aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate animals and then conduct chemical tests in order to evaluate the streams of the Chicopee Woods. Both 2-hour and 3-hour program options available. GSE – SEV1-5, ELA9-12L4 
    PROGRAM FORMATS: Elachee Field Trip, Interactive Distance Learning