Field Trips for 4th and 5th Graders

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Topic: Animals

  • Exploring the Animal Kingdom

    Classify vertebrate animals through activities in the classroom and along the trails of the Chicopee Woods. GSE – S5L1a; AKS – S5-D

Topic: Aquatic Studies

  • Lake Lanier Aquatic Study

    During this Lake Lanier Aquatic Learning Center (LLALC) program, students will analyze and explore Georgia’s most important lake from the deck of the Chota Princess II floating classroom. GSE – S4L1, S5L4, S5P1, S5E1; AKS – S4-D, S5-B, C, D LEARN MORE
  • We All Live Downstream

    Students will experience this dynamic 2-part program that combines a community watershed exploration at your school with our popular Lake Lanier Aquatic Learning Center (LLALC) program. GSE – S4L1, S5L4, S5P1, S5E1; AKS – S4-D, S5-B, C, D   LEARN MORE

Topic: Astronomy

  • Seeing Stars: 4th Grade

    Study the physical attributes of planets and stars, the earth, solar system and moon phases in Starlab, Elachee’s portable planetarium. GSE – S4E1, S4E2; AKS – S4-B

Topic: Habitats

  • Habitats and Adaptations

    Examine the behavioral and structural ways plants and animals interact with their habitats. GSE – S4L1; AKS – S4-D
  • Pond Life

    Use nets to sample, identify and classify a variety of Chicopee Lake’s aquatic animals, then enjoy a discovery-filled hike to see how changes in this environment have affected the habitat’s energy flows, food webs and the roles and adaptations of this community’s organisms. Both 2-hour and 3-hour program options available. GSE – S4E3, S4L1, S5E1, S5L1, S5P1; AKS – S4-D, S5-B, D
  • Stream Life

    Catch and classify aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate animals, then conduct chemical tests to evaluate the streams of the Chicopee Woods. Both 2-hour and 3-hour program options available. GSE – S4E3, S4L1, S5E1, S5L1, S5P1; AKS – S4-D, S5-B, D

Topic: Interdisciplinary

  • My Side of Elachee

    Hike the trails of the Chicopee Woods and develop some of the same skills and knowledge that help young Sam, the main character in My Side of the Mountain, survive his time in the wilderness. GSE – S4L1, S5L1, AKS – S4-D, S5-D
  • River of Words

    Explore the creeks and streams of the Chicopee Woods, playfully recreate the water cycle and learn writing techniques to describe your experiences and impressions. GSE –  ELA4L5, 4L6, 5L5, 5L6
  • Orienteering 

    Learn to navigate a trail in the Chicopee Woods with compasses, topographical maps and teamwork. SS: 4th and 5th Grade Map Skills
  • Wild Georgia Math: 5th Grade

    Estimate, measure, calculate and use problem-solving skills to explore the mathematical nature of the animal kingdom along the trails of Elachee and in the classroom. GSE – S5L1; AKS – S5-D

Topic: Plants

  • Tree-mendous Trees

    Learn to use a dichotomous key to identify a variety of trees of the Chicopee Woods. GSE – S5L1b; AKS S5-D

Topic: Other

  • Back Country Hike

    Hike the back trails of the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve on a 2-hour or 3-hour custom-designed outdoor experience that meets your instructional objectives. 60-student maximum. GSE & AKS: Based on teacher’s program selection.
  • Weather Alert

    Learn how meteorologists predict the daily weather. Delve into the water cycle, air pressure systems, humidity, weather instruments and more. GSE – S4E2, S4E3, S4E4; AKS – S4-B