Field Trips for 2nd and 3rd Graders

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Topic: Animals

  • Birds of a Feather

    Introduce students to birds and bird ecology at Elachee or Chicopee Lake and along the trails of theChicopee Woods. GSE – S2L1, S3L1; AKS – S2-D, S3-D
  • Dry Scales and Slimy Skin

    Compare and contrast the characteristics and life cycles of reptiles and amphibians. GSE – S2L1, S3L1; AKS – S2-D, S3-D
  • Life Cycles

    Explore the life cycles of frogs, honeybees, butterflies and other animals in the classroom and along the trails of the Chicopee Woods, and see how a variety of woodland plants go through seasonal changes.GSE – S2L1, S3L1; AKS – S2-D, S3-D

Topic: Aquatic Studies

  • Lake Lanier Aquatic Study

    Analyze and explore Georgia’s most important lake from the deck of the Chota Princess II floating classroom. GSE – S2L1, S2E2, S3L1, S3L2; AKS – S2-B, D, S3-D   LEARN MORE

Topic: Astronomy

  • Seeing Stars: 2nd Grade

    Study the size and brightness of stars, constellations, the seasons, moon phases and more in Starlab, Elachee’s portable planetarium. GSE – S2E1, S2E2; AKS S2-B

Topic: Habitats

  • Habitat is Home

    Delve into Georgia’s major habitats and the characteristics of the plants and animals that live in each. GSE – S2L1, S3L1, S3L2; AKS – S2-D, S3-D
  • Pond Life

    Use nets to collect a variety of aquatic animals at Chicopee Lake, then hike the trails to identify features that allow animals and plants to live in or around this habitat. Both 2-hour and 3-hour program options available. GSE – S2L1, S3L1, S3L2; AKS – S2-D, S3-D

Topic: Interdisciplinary

  • Lessons from the Cherokee

    Explore the culture, contributions and history of North Georgia’s most influential Native American tribe. GSE – SS2H2, 2G1, 2G2
  • Wild Georgia Math: 3rd Grade

    Examine the characteristics of native Georgia plants, animals and habitats through mathematical problem-solving in the classroom and along the trails at Elachee. GSE – S3L1; AKS – S3-D

Topic: Plants

  • Green and Growing

    Study the needs, parts, life cycles and many uses of plants found in the Chicopee Woods. GSE – S2L1, S3L1; AKS – S2-D, S3-D

Topic: Other

  • Back Country Hike

    Hike the back trails of the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve on a 2- or 3-hour custom-designed outdoor experience that meets your instructional objectives. 60-student maximum. GSE & AKS: Based on teacher’s program selection. 
  • Elachee Rocks!

    Enjoy a jam-packed, hands-on investigation of the rocks and minerals of Georgia. GSE – S3E1, S3E2; AKS – S3-B