All About Energy is full of hands-on explorations, solar ovens, calorie-counting and other irresistible activities to help students understand and compare the different forms of energy. 


Step 1: Login to ZOOM Meeting
Refer to the Elachee program confirmation email for the ZOOM login link details. Open link to connect with your Elachee Naturalist instructor for this program before starting video lesson.

Step 2: Launch Video
This lesson requires the Teacher/Scheduling Group Coordinator to pause the video three times (see below). During the pause, your Elachee Naturalist will join your group on screen via ZOOM for a discussion about the content in the segment your students just watched. See icons in the lower left corner of video progress bar for additional functions.

All About Energy Program Outline


  • 0:00 – 5:48    What is Energy?  Potential vs Kinetic Energy.  Examples of Potential Energy.

    Please Stop the Video at interact with your Elachee Naturalist.


  • 05:49 – 16:44 Examples of Kinetic Energy, the energy – producing bicycle, A laser – how many different types of energy at play? How many types of energy to launch the water bottle rocket?
    How does a solar panel produce energy for the home?

    Please Stop the Video at interact with your Elachee Naturalist.

Epilogue:  Divide up into groups of 2 or 3.  Each group should choose one (1) of ten (10) toys identified by number in the zip lock bag.   Each group should be prepared to explain what forms of energy help the toy work. Take a few minutes to figure that out.  

All About Energy is an original program created and provided by Elachee Nature Science Center, produced with assistance from Norton Aerial Media.

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