Interactive Distance Learning

I wanted to reach out and say thank you so much! The four classes that were on the zoom this morning have loved the virtual field trip!! Thank you to you and your team for providing this opportunity for our students.
– Amber S., Mundy Mill Learning Academy, Gainesville City Schools  

New Online Option for Your Students

Elachee has packaged a selection of its most popular field trip and outreach classes. Each 50-minute program combines video instruction and live virtual interaction with an Elachee instructor. 

Submit a program scheduling request, just as you would for a field trip or outreach, and the Elachee registrar will coordinate with you any technical requirements and expectations for the live interaction component. You will receive the login link(s) via the program confirmation email.

2020-2021 Interactive Distance Learning Programs

  • All About Energy, for 8th grade, is full of hands-on explorations, solar ovens, calorie-counting and other irresistible activities to help students understand and compare the different forms of energy. (PHYSICAL SCIENCE GSE – S8P2; AKS – S8-a) 
  • Astronomy for Middle Schoolers, for 6th grade, helps students determine relative position of planets, the solar system, solar and lunar eclipses, phases of the moon and more in this program that takes a virtual visit to Starlab, Elachee’s portable planetarium. This program will need 1.5 hours per session. 
  • Eat or Be Eaten, for 4th grade, explores behaviors and adaptations of animals and plants that play essential roles as producers, consumers and decomposers in an ecosystem. Discover real world food chains and webs by seeing how energy flows through the Chicopee Woods. (LIFE SCIENCE GSE – S4L1; AKS – S4-D)
  • Habitats and Adaptations, for 7th grade, studies the behavioral and structural ways plants and animals interact with their habitats. (LIFE SCIENCE GSE – S7L4; AKS – S7-B, F)
  • Habitat is Home, for 2nd and 3rd grade, delves into Georgia’s major habitats and the characteristics of the plants and animals that live in each.
    (LIFE SCIENCE GSE – S2L1, S3L1, S3L2; AKS – S2-D, S3-D
  • Lessons from the Cherokee, for 2nd and 3rd grade, explores the culture, contributions and history of north Georgia’s most influential Native American tribe, the Cherokee Nation. (INTERDISCIPLINARY GSE – SS2H2, 2G1, 2G2)
  • Seeing Stars (K, 2nd and 4th)
    • ​For Kindergarten introduces young students to the sun, moon, day and night with an exciting virtual session in Starlab, Elachee’s portable planetarium, combined with hands-on astronomy activities. 
    • For 2nd Grade studies the size and brightness of stars, constellations, the seasons, moon phases and more through a virtual program in Starlab, Elachee’s portable planetarium. This program will need 1.5 hours per session. (EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE GSE – S2E1, S2E2; AKS S2-B)
    • For 4th Grade studies the physical attributes of planets and stars, the earth, solar system and moon phases through a virtual visit to Starlab, Elachee’s portable planetarium. This program will need 1.5 hours per session. (EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE GSE – S4E1, S4E2; AKS – S4-B)
  • Stream Life, for multiple grades, teaches students to classify aquatic vertebrate and invertebrate animals, then conduct chemical tests to evaluate the streams of the Chicopee Woods. (GRADE LEVEL, LIFE SCIENCE STANDARDS: GSE – S4E3, S4L1, S5E1, S5L1, S5P1; AKS – S4-D, S5-B, D; GSE – S7L1, S7L4; AKS – S7-B, F; GSE – SEV1-5, AKS – ENV-B)
  • We All Live Downstream, for 5th grade, is a  dynamic program focused on community watershed exploration. (GRADE LEVEL STANDARDS: GSE – S4L1, S5L4, S5P1, S5E1; AKS – S4-D, S5-B, C, D; GSE – S6E3, S6E6, S7L4; AKS - S6-C, G, S7- B, F)
  • Wheel of Animals, for PreK-Kindergarten, helps young students learn remarkable facts about an array of unique Georgia animals, while exploring these creatures’ needs, during this discovery-filled program with Elachee Nature Science Center Interpretive Naturalists.

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