Reptile Revelry

On September 8, 2018, Elachee Nature Science Center kicked off the fall festival season with its 26th Annual Snake Day. Thanks to event sponsors Tipton Construction Company and Cargill, this fun-filled family nature education event was a reptilian festival to remember. True love...reptile encounter at Elachee's Snake Day 2018.

“It was wonderful chatting with everyone as they entered the ‘reptilian symposium,’” said Mallory Pendleton, Elachee Education Programs Manager and Camp Elachee Director, “Snake Day 2018 was not only my first, but it appeared that it was also about 50 percent of the attendees FIRST Snake Day, too. People were absolutely thrilled to receive this hands-on experience!”

Snake Day 2018 featured herpetology experts and enthusiasts from around the southeastern region. They collectively showcased exotic and native species of snakes, tortoises, turtles, frog, toads and lizards. Touch-a-snake is always a favorite activity at Snake Day. This is a good way to help young children (and adults) overcome their fears enough to learn physical features to distinguish between venomous and non-venomous snakes. Touch-a-snake is a favorite activity Snake Day exhibitors promote to help individuals overcome their fears.

To complete the reptile revelry, Elachee volunteers manned face painting and craft tables, or acted as parking attendants and greeters, as food vendors Dickey’s Barbeque Pit-Flowery Branch, Frozen Frenzee and the Hot Dog Ninja served up festival fare.

It appeared visitors couldn’t get enough of Snake Day and took home souvenirs in record numbers. In fact, the promise of future practical jokes and shenanigans were evident by the numbers of rubber snakes leaving the premises.

“We had 422 snakes for sale, from stuffed to stretchy,” shares Judy Stock, Elachee Nature Shop Manager who spent months making sure there was a wide range of reptile-related inventory available. “Never have we sold so many at Snake Day, and believe it or not, we only had five Snake Day 2018 t-shirts left!”

Elachee would like to also thank the Hayes Automotive Group and Hall County Schools for providing vans and buses, respectively, making possible the free shuttle service for visitors to/from designated Snake Day parking areas.

Joy Holmes interviews Elachee Education Director Peter Gordon at Snake Day 2018 for Vanguard News at the University of North Georgia.If you didn’t make it out to Snake Day 2018, no worries! Joy Holmes and Vanguard News at the University of North Georgia captured the event, sharing this video report. WATCH VIDEO

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