Ready for Summer Fun!

Camp Elachee 2019: Week 1, May 28-31

Summer at Camp Elachee 2019 started off with a wave of enthusiasm from kiddos ready for adventure! Camp Elachee 2019 presented by Northside Hospital

Let’s set the stage…

Camp Elachee starts each morning with an all-camp group assembly. This is a wake-up and a warm-up time for campers to get to know one another plus show off their team spirit. From friendly, but highly competitive ‘Minute-to-Win-It’ games, learning silly songs and spontaneous dancing, assembly simply starts the day on an enthusiastic note.

Although many campers attend more than one week of summer day camp, the Monday assembly introduces all campers to the 3 BIG Camp Rules:

  1. Take care of others.
  2. Take care of nature.
  3. Take care of yourself.

Camp Elachee 2019 introduces an inaugural teamwork award!Camp counselors got a delightful surprise this first week of camp when returning campers took the lead by enthusiastically teaching new campers these three rules!

But these same campers also received a surprise! Camp Elachee 2019 debuted the NEW Happy Hubcap award at the first morning assembly, as an addition to other well-loved, coveted team awards.

Who wins it? The team who proves to be the happiest campers throughout the week of camp wins this inaugural award. Our campers’ attitudes are so positive, we don’t need to incentivize them, but we sure do love rewarding it after a fun-filled, happy week!

Week 1: Water Week Highlights

Water Week featured enough activities to fill an ocean! This splashing good time included water balloon hot potato, water balloon relays, painting seashells and of course, creek-day shenanigans. Making memories, playing in the creek, letting your inner creativity shine!

Creek days at Camp Elachee are some of the best memories our campers make, and it’s no surprise that when children have unstructured free time to creatively explore their surroundings it pays off, too!

Some of the ingenuity our campers displayed during creek days this week included constructing dams using found natural objects, learning to recognize and then collect macroinvertebrates, building mud castles and searching for different types of rocks found along and in the creek.

PSST…don’t tell your camper(s) this, but these ‘fun’ activities actually had an educational component – GASP! Did they not tell you they spent time ‘in class’ during camp? That’s probably because they were having too much fun to notice they were learning things!

One such activity was the ‘Ocean in a Bottle’ craft. Campers learned what we DO want to see in the oceans versus what we DON’T want to see. By using recycled water bottles for this craft, we taught campers the importance of recycling plastic appropriately, so it doesn’t end up in our waterways. Campers then added things to their bottles that represented everything we DO want in our oceans. Sunlight helps plankton grow and seashells provide some animals protection. We also added items that represent algae and other micro-organisms. Through this activity campers learned how everything in the ocean plays an important role in that ecosystem. Some campers even brought up how different creatures live at different depths! Summer of fun at Camp Elachee 2019!

Another ‘first’ for Camp Elachee took place this week. Campers were the VERY FIRST to play on Elachee’s new meadow. What a tremendous addition to our facility!

Then, on Friday as Camp Elachee activities ended for the week, one camper asked if he could come back to camp the next day (Saturday). He was so bummed to find out that the camp week was over.

But, hey, that’s okay, because Camp Elachee runs through the end of July. Don’t delay. Be sure to register now for other camp weeks this summer. Your kids will thank you for it!

Special Thank You!

Camp Elachee 2019 is presented by Elachee Annual Platinum Sponsor Northside Hospital