Raves about Camp Elachee

Week 2: Night and Day

Turning the camp experience upside down and out of this world.

What an awesome week to be outside! When campers arrived bright and early Monday, they had NO IDEA the adventures in store for them. Click through slide show.

Camp Elachee 2016 - Week 2 - Night and Day Themed Summer Day Camp at Elachee Nature Science Center in Gainesville, GAOne of the fourth-grade campers who had never been to any type of camp before summed it up perfectly. "I think I figured out what camp is all about," she told her counselor. "It's having fun, teamwork and getting to know other people." 

Elachee had another full house of Pre-K, Elementary (K-5) and Middle School campers in our midst. From encounters with 'caped crusaders' to a Neon-infused dance-off, these kiddos went home smiling and slap worn out each day!

The Week's Highlights

Throughout the week, each camper group worked to help save 'Elachee Gotham City,' assisting 'Bat Man' and 'Elachee Bat' (costumed characters) in finding Miss Damsel's (in distress) purse and bringing the 'Woodland Rascals' to justice by competing in a dance-off to win the week's prize, the Golden Pinecone. 

Campers explored diurnal and nocturnal creatures and how they coexist in the same habitats – with a special focus on learning about bats and foxes. They had creek time and hikes through the Chicopee Woods. Each camper also spent time in Elachee's interactive bat exhibit, "Masters of the Night: The True Story of Bats," here until Labor Day

As well, campers learned about the night sky. They made up their own constellations and each group acted out a story sharing what inspired their respective night-sky phenomenon. Then, they visited Elachee's portable planetarium, Starlab.

During morning assembly, campers learned choreographed dances. Thursday, campers received a pair of neon sunglasses they put to use in the 'Bat Cave.' When they arrived, Elachee's entire instructional taxidermy collection was sporting their own shades, too! 

"While in the 'Bat Cave,' when we played the songs campers danced to at morning assembly they just lit up," said Ciara Frakes, Camp Elachee Director. "This activity brought the whole themed week together for them."

Middle School Camp Highlights

The middle school campers had a great time, too. Their big adventure was a sleepover at Elachee, spending wonderous hours in an intense 'whack bat' game (inspired by the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox) and playing capture the flag. During the week, campers spent much of their time exploring in Chicopee Woods – hiking the streams, hanging out at the suspension bridge and around Vulture Rock.

Up next? 

Wilderness Survival week is June 13-17 at Camp Elachee for Pre-K and Elementary age campers. Online registration is now closed for this camp. However, call 770-535-1976 Saturday (June 11) from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to reserve a spot for your child.

Camp Elachee: Where Nature is the Adventure

Camp Elachee 2016 goes through July 29. Registration is now open online for summer day camp themed weeks 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 for Pre-K and Elementary (K-5th) age campers, and weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6 for Middle Schoolers (6th-8th). Or call 770-535-1976 to register your child.

Camps are held at Elachee Nature Science Center in North Georgia's Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve, Gainesville, GA.