Elachee, a Natural Choice for Your Group

Plan your next meeting at Elachee and enjoy a tailored adult education program enhanced by the ambiance of the surrounding woods. Or invite us to present a themed, environmental education program to your members. CONTACT US

Natural Setting for Meetings or Gatherings

One-hour environmental education presentations are ideal for:

  • Garden Clubs
  • Community / Civic Organizations
  • Church Groups
  • Modern Studies Clubs

NOTE: Businesses interested in custom environmental education/training programs should CONTACT US for applicable rates and availability.

Preferred Group Size: 15-100

Programs Fees:

  • $160 When Held at Elachee
    (Two-Hour Facility Rental and Presentation in Mundy Education Hall, with kitchen access, tables/chairs)
  • $125 at Your Location
    (plus a fuel stipend if further than 20 road miles from Elachee)