Prepare for the Singing Swarm

Georgians should expect Brook X cicadas to emerge from underground when ground temperatures reach 64-degrees.The cicadas are coming! Brood X cicadas, or the Great Eastern Brood, will emerge from their 17-year underground hiatus once ground temperatures reach the mid-60° range.

Georgia is among 18 states in which this phenomenon will occur. Get ready for the raucous ‘mating music’ to begin. Depending upon the numbers of cicadas in an area, their combined ‘singing’ can be quite loud.

Plan for this cicada visit to last from four to six weeks. After 2021 cicada eggs hatch, these newly born nymphs will then burrow underground for their multi-season feeding frenzy.

Mark the calendar to be on the lookout in spring of 2023 for the next Brood X cicada swarm!