Play = Learning

Ask any of the children enrolled in Elachee’s Nature Preschool what they do at school and they will most likely answer “play.” That is the exact response we hope for.

The children love coming to school to hike and explore the trails, but what they don’t realize is that their “play” is actually a purposefully designed strategy which is carefully created to teach all of the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards; everything from Math and Science concepts to Early Literacy and Social Skills. That’s OK, we will just let them continue to enjoy their play and we will be satisfied in the knowledge that we are developing their love of learning in the process.

If you know a child who would be happy to come and “play” with us at Elachee’s fully licensed and accredited Nature Preschool, it is not too late to enroll. We are nearing our classroom capacity but still have a few spaces available.

Contact Rhonda Bailey at or 770-535-1976 for more info.