Interactive Discovery and Animal Encounters

Enhancements are coming soon to the Elachee visitor experience. Late 2018 into early 2019, the Elachee campus will be in various states of renovation. When planning your visit to the Nature Center during this time period, please call ahead (770-535-1976) to check status of exhibit closures.

Exhibits at the Elachee Visitor Center 


  • Natural History Exhibit: Learn more about the history and living wonders of the Chicopee Woods.
  • Live Animal Room: See snakes, turtles, frogs and a variety of other reptiles and amphibians (plus a tarantula!). ADOPT AN ANIMAL FRIEND Program
  • Outdoor Aviary: Observe a red tailed hawk.
  • Bee Hives: Witness this pollinator ecosystem in action. The Mike and Robbie McCormac Pollinator Pass is a new, permanent interpretive exhibit at Elachee. Take a seat in the peaceful Geiger Garden to watch the bees enter and exit the hives. Then walk inside the Visitor Center to view the demonstration hives buzzing with purposeful activity and learn about these valuable insects. READ MORE

New Exhibit Planned for Elachee

Future Plans: Into the Woods Interactive Exhibit
Elachee seeks a capital gift to bring to life this adaptive look at Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve that ushers the outdoors inside and will serve as an educational amphitheatre.

CONTACT US to learn how your gift may bring this exhibit "to life."