Over the Moon!

Students are giving Elachee’s various astronomy programs 'out of this world' reviews. It’s always a fun day when packets of thank-you letters arrive for our educators! Elachee's astronomy programs for students Pre-K through grade 12 receive 'out of this world' reviews. 

“Very few nature centers are equipped to conduct the ‘Stars’ programs like Elachee is with our two ‘Starlab’ portable planetariums and nine telescopes,” explains Peter Gordon, Director of Education. “Not only do teachers from around the north Georgia region schedule field trips for their students to come to Elachee, we take this program on the road throughout metro Atlanta as part of the Elachee in Your Classroom outreach program.”

In past years the astronomy programs were primarily booked during winter months. Now a favorite for teachers and students, they’re in high demand all during the school year. Elachee educators have tailored this versatile series to meet curriculum standards for every grade level.

New this school year, teachers can easily review Elachee’s school programs by grade level, then submit a field trip reservation request to set the wheels in motion.