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Camp Elachee 2019: Week 4, June 17-21

It’s heartwarming to hear from parents how a Camp Elachee experience helps their children become more comfortable in nature. Camp Elachee 2019 presented by Northside Hospital

One such story came to light this week. A PreK camper came to Elachee with a fear of creeks because he’d been injured playing in one when younger. His mom shared that not only did he overcome his fear by playing in the creek during camp, he is playing and investigating the creek in his backyard – a place he would have nothing to do with before Camp Elachee!

Space Week

Solar Oven demonstration during Camp Elachee 'space week.'Space week at Camp Elachee was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Cheesy, but true. Campers had some amazing experiences and participated in unique activities.

Monday was all about how space affects Earth. At morning assembly campers were quick to point out that the mural backdrop was not space themed, but instead featured an ocean with waves. So, parents…what do space and the ocean have to do with each other? Your camper(s) found out that the Moon, and to a lesser degree the Sun, affect the oceans’ tides due to their gravitational forces.

Also, have you ever cooked using a solar oven? Your camper(s) did! While watching chocolate chip cookies bake in Elachee’s solar oven, campers learned how we get energy from the Sun and how powerful its rays can be. For example, you can start a fire by directing the Sun’s rays, which is also why it is important to never look directly at the sun.

A highlight of space week each summer, campers visited Elachee’s planetarium Starlab for an introduction to the wonders of the night sky. (Jealous? Sneak a peek at what your camper enjoyed: Shooting Stars Video.) Dazzled by stories of constellations, campers learned how to find the North Star and why we see different stars in different seasons based upon the Earth’s rotation. Building telescopes from recycled items during Camp Elachee 'space week.'

This week the space antics were really skyrocketing! Games like ‘Astronauts and Aliens’ and ‘Space Rules’ were in play throughout the Elachee campus. Campers made their versions of the Solar System (from a paper plate) and telescopes (from recycled toilet paper rolls). PreK campers mastered the Moon Walk and elementary age campers competed for the best Rocket Straw launch!

Water continues to play a vital role at Camp Elachee. Tuesday’s creek day changed to sprinkler fun due in the Elachee meadow. Thursday was back to the real thing, though. Groups had fun with rock investigations and mud play. Also, this week’s dam building actually led to increased water levels thanks to some pretty innovative engineering! Campers were so excited to witness their effects in action and in some ways, you could say they felt just as accomplished as those astronauts who first landed on the moon.

Glow-in-the-dark fun under the 'stars' at the Space Rave dance party, a highlight at Camp Elachee 2019.The ONLY thing that topped the fun up to this point in the week as the infamous Camp Elachee SPACE RAVE! Campers love this black light dance party. Everyone decorates themselves with glow-in-the-dark paint before dancing under a black-light disco ball that makes you feel like you’re under a starry night sky.

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