Not a Question of If, but How


Dave and Faye Westfall

Elachee Nature Science Center Donor Profile: Dave and Faye WestfallIn 1978, Dave Westfall caught wind of an idea about starting a nature center in the area that others in the Gainesville community were tossing around. “I was immediately hooked,” he recalls.

A few months later, Dave and wife Faye were sitting at the kitchen table with Leonard and Becky Geiger talking about these dreams that soon became reality, and the start of Elachee. READ ELACHEE’S HISTORY

Now 40 years later, Dave wants others to know what a unique opportunity it is for a community of this size to have the added value of an amenity such as Elachee Nature Science Center and the 1,440-acre Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve.

“We are proud to support the Elachee organization, a good steward of the natural world that we want to be available for our grandchildren who are 8 and 11,” says Dave. “When they get to be our age, Faye and I want them to still have the chance to enjoy places like Elachee and the Chicopee Woods.”

Dave recently had to start taking mandatory retirement fund withdrawals. The Westfalls found that through a Qualified Charitable Distribution, they could support Elachee in an even more tax-friendly way.

“Elachee has been very much a part of our lives and vision for the community,” Dave shares. “We have always financially supported Elachee. It’s never been a question of if, just how.”

We Put Your Gifts to Work

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