New Elachee Babies

Surprise! A live-caught Black Rat Snake who was recently added to Elachee’s Live Animal Exhibit laid a clutch of eggs about a month into captivity. Our Naturalist/Animal Care team felt the habitat was not suited for the eggs, and moved them to a homemade incubator.


About 60 days in, our team noticed an egg had split. Given the shell was drier than it would have been in the wild, we assisted by helping to split it. The baby snake burst through as soon as the gap was wide enough. The next day the team noticed a second egg had split and quickly called in reinforcements to capture the hatching on video.

Both 10” baby snakes are the only to hatch from the clutch. They appear to be in good health and acclimating to their habitat. Once they have their first shed, we’ll begin feeding them.   

Did you know?

Elachee has an Adopt an Animal Friend program – the perfect present to honor a child or family member. Our Live Animal Exhibit is home to over 35 creatures used in Elachee nature education programs and on public exhibit for all visitors to enjoy. Annual adoption levels are $25, $50 and $75, and help defray the cost for food, habitat supplies and veterinary care here at Elachee. Learn More