What Sets Apart the Nature K-1 Class?

Elachee's Nature Kindergarten-1st Grade curriculum is designed to ignite each student’s sense of wonder. In this nature school setting, we focus on the children’s interests, incorporating innovative educational experiences in the classroom and in outdoor settings.

The outcome? Students are better able to internalize information, making it more meaningful.

Educational Philosophy

Our experienced educators integrate these (and more) teaching strategies into their daily lessons.

  • Promoting age-appropriate academic concepts and practical understanding;
  • Providing a supportive, safe learning environment to encourage discovery and experimentation;
  • Offering sensory opportunities with live animals, natural objects, artifacts, trail games, outdoor exploration and creative arts activities;
  • Stimulating cognitive growth and problem-solving skills through hands-on activities, games and discovery-learning in nature;
  • Developing physical motor skills through active learning and play;
  • Cultivating social skills and positive self-image through group play and cooperative learning;
  • Nurturing self-expression, creativity and reflection; and-
  • Instilling respect and appreciation for the natural world.

Elachee's Nature K-1 Program Curriculum

Our curriculum is specifically designed to incorporate all State of Georgia educational standards while utilizing Elachee’s natural settings and multiple outdoor classroom areas. We emphasize purposeful and productive play experiences. This helps children grow in a holistic way – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. 

Our students become confident, curious learners ready for their next educational steps.

  • They will have a quality, academic foundation.
  • They will become independent thinkers and problem-solvers.
  • They can be part of a group.
  • They can follow directions.
  • They can take turns with materials and engage in meaningful interactive play.

Daily Activities Include:

  • Comprehensive Academic Instruction
  • Outdoor Play
  • Art, Music and Movement Activities
  • Natural Science Experiences
  • Sensory Activities
  • Large and Small Motor Activities

Elachee Nature Academy Discipline Policy

We use a positive discipline approach to behavior management – transforming conflict into a learning opportunity. This allows children to solve their own problems with the guidance and modeling of our experienced teachers. The result is children learn self-regulation that, in turn, integrates social/emotional learning and discipline.