The Parent Buzz

Student Tuition and Fees

Pay your student's monthly Elachee Nature Academy tuition. Elachee Nature Academy parent portal to pay monthly extended care fees.

Each online payment requires a corresponding invoice, as provided to you by the Elachee Nature Academy Director of Schools. Please call 770-535-1976 or SEND A MESSAGE with questions about your Elachee Nature Academy student’s account.

Parent Participation

Parent involvement is a critical success factor at Elachee Nature Academy.

We ask each family to:

  1. Attend the late-July Parent Orientation (without your student present) to meet the staff and see what’s in store for your child.
  2. Volunteer at least once each month in the classroom, if possible.
  3. Attend parent and family activities, including annual Elachee’s public programs such as Raptor Fest, Trillium Trek Kids Fun Run, Snake Day and more!
  4. Participate in the semi-annual parent/teacher conferences (October and April).
  5. Read the flyers your child brings home and the eNewsletters we send.

Parents Weigh in about Elachee Nature Academy 

  • "Elachee is a wonderful experience. We moved here this year and were thrilled to find a program that focuses on nature and experiential learning! Gaines is thriving, making great friends and learning so much. If we could keep him there through college we would."  
  • "Nothing feels better than seeing your child excited to go to school. When you walk in and every child in the class is happy, smiling and engaged in an activity that is carefully selected to teach that child a new skill or fact, as a parent you experience a new sense of appreciation each day."
  • "Marlowe is in her first year and we COULD NOT be happier with the program. Most kids only get this kind of hands on learning one time a year on a field trip."
  • "The multiple age class room is a really good fit for my daughter. The older kids are such great examples for the younger ones, and I think it helps to push her knowledge a bit further."  
  • “I am delighted my children have a place where they learn the out-of-doors are not only places to be studied and appreciated, but places of adventure, fun, learning and laughter.”
  • “Earl comes home talking about animals, dreams of being a policeman, and most recently branched out and tried a cucumber (something I can’t get him to do), while singing songs of red shoes and groovy buttons.”
  • "I love the method of teaching and how Harrison is getting to learn in such a different and effective way! Next year we are beyond excited because he will continue at Elachee."
  • “Jasper loves to go for nature walks and explore all that nature has to offer. When we are at a park or camping he says, ‘Mom let's go on an adventure and see what we can find.’”
  • “I love this program for my grandchildren. It is excellent. We live on a farm and it is so important that our young people learn about nature in an outdoor and indoor classroom environment.”
  • “We LOVE ‘bug’ school. Lilly has blossomed into such a talkative, adventurous little girl since she started. Her zest for the outdoors has jumped off the charts.”
  • "I see Elena emerging already as a leader in helping others learn to appreciate, respect, and protect the environment. I learn from her every day, and watching her growing appreciation of nature has inspired me."