Experiential Learning Environment

Elachee’s NEW 2nd-3rd Grade Program

Parents choose this innovative STEAM-based program to prepare their school-age children for continued academic success. 

At this nature school, students are in and out, up and down all day – NO desks! Unlike the 15-30 minutes recess offered at other schools, our students spend more than 75-percent of their school day outdoors in guided instruction – rain or shine!

The specially designed 2nd-3rd Grade nature-based instructional approach engages students in experiential learning and creative discovery. Children get the chance to ‘find their place’ in the real world, at their own pace. As a result, Elachee Nature Academy students meet and exceed Georgia standards.

Our students benefit from innovative instructional philosophies originally developed in Elachee’s established Nature Kindergarten-1st Grade program. Students delve into topics made fun by teachers who do not ‘teach to the test,’ but rather encourage independent thinking and problem-solving. This child-led approach has a nature rich curriculum. Topics include weather, rocks, erosion, habitats and pollinators – all perfect for an outdoor program. Students learn through hands-on participation, not busy work. They perform Citizen Science Projects by studying rocks, birds, bugs and plants to collect data they then submit to State agencies! 

  • Elachee Nature Academy’s accredited nature-based 2nd-3rd Grade program is affiliated with the only SACS/Cognia-accredited nature center in the Southeastern U.S., Elachee Nature Science Center.
  • Our students’ ‘playground’ sits in one of Georgia’s largest protected green spaces, the 1,440-acre Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve. 
  • We teach students using a STEAM-based, nature-focused curriculum that correlates with the Georgia Standards for Excellence (GSE).
  • School is Monday-Friday, August through May, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Elachee Nature Academy follows the Hall County School System’s academic calendar for weather and holidays. 
  • The 2nd-3rd Grade class is limited to 20 students, led by a certified teacher (student to teacher ratio is 10:1).
  • The 2nd-3rd Grade indoor classroom is in a self-contained, light-filled, open concept space that invites children to engage in creative and cooperative learning or to find a private nook for quiet, independent play.

Elachee Nature Academy began in 2013 to serve Preschool students. The school expanded in 2016 to offer a combined Kindergarten-1st Grade class, and will further expand for the 2021-2022 school year with its 2nd-3rd Grade program. Managed and operated by Elachee Nature Science Center in Gainesville, Ga., this innovative school is part of Elachee's quality environmental education programming, a source of delight and inspiration since 1979. 

See It to Believe It

For more information or to schedule a tour, call the Elachee Nature Academy Director of Schools at 770-535-1976 or SEND A MESSAGE.