Mother Nature Shows Off

Natural Encounters for Campers

Mother Nature has certainly shared her bounty with children attending Camp Elachee this summer! It’s highly unusual for anyone to witness some of these miracles in action, but oh, so ironically delightful for children attending a nature-based summer day camp.

Camp Elachee 2017 Campers taking a daily hike along the Dodd Trail encountered this newborn fawn.
Campers encountered a newborn fawn while hiking in Chicopee Woods.

What a mesmerizing hoot for preschoolers at Camp Elachee to watch this Dung Beetle do his thing.
WATCH VIDEO of this Dung Beetle campers witnessed as it busily rolled its ‘find’ to a safe spot in the weeds.

During Camp Elachee 2017 Week 1, campers happened upon an Eastern Box Turtle digging out a nest to lay her eggs.
Unbelievably, campers happened upon this Eastern Box Turtle building a nest and saw her lay her eggs!

Honey bees in Elachee's demonstration bee hive exhibit stage a false start swarm before returning peacefully to the hive.
From a safe distance, campers watched as Honeybees from Elachee's demonstration bee hive exhibit staged a false start swarm before returning safely to the hive.

Other Rare Sights

If you're lucky, Hummingbirds will grace your garden or yard each summer during their migration through the area. Do these birds ever rest?

Photographer Joe Berry, a recent Elachee Georgia Master Naturalist Program graduate, has documented his rare discovery of a Hummingbird nest. Elachee is grateful to skilled professionals, like Joe, who are willing to share their extraordinary nature encounters!

Photographer Joe Berry captures this Hummingbird in its nest.

As another reminder to pay attention to the ground beneath your feet, Eagle Scout and Camp Elachee Counselor-in-Training Nick Harkins spotted this Copperhead nestled among the underbrush along the hiking trails in Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve. Read the Elachee blogs on Snake Tips and how to Recognize Venomous Snakes.

Watch your step this summer while out hiking in Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve.

Share Your Nature Photos

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