Hummingbirds Return

Like well-tuned clocks, migrating hummingbirds return to north Georgia each year around the first of April.

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) are among the most popular birds found in the eastern United States. Bird lovers are particularly drawn to this entertaining bird’s minute size, incredible aerial virtuosity and beautiful plumage. Recipe for Hummingbird nectar

Feed the Birds

If you have hung a feeder in your outdoor classroom or home in the past, remember to put it out.  Hungry birds will return to the same spots they found feeders in years past.

3 Tips for Success

Tip 1: Nature of Hummingbirds
Hummingbirds are aggressive and territorial so the more feeders you have, the more birds will able to feed peacefully at the same time.

Tip 2: The Feeder
Choose an easy to clean feeder and change the nectar mixture every four or five days, and more often in the hot summer months. When changing the mixture, wash the feeder in warm water with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. If mold appears in the nectar, discard immediately and clean the feeder with a mild chlorine bleach solution.

Tip 3: Nectar
Making the nectar is a simple process:

  • 1 part sugar (preferably cane sugar, do not use brown sugar or honey)
  • 4 parts water

Boil the water for a couple of minutes, then dissolve the sugar in the water. Let the mixture cool and pour into your feeder. If you have extra, you can refrigerate extra nectar for up to one week.

A word of caution: Do not add red coloring to the nectar blend as it may be harmful to the birds. The red color on the feeder will be sufficient attraction. 

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