Come Prepared

  • Dress appropriately for the season and weather conditions.
  • Trail conditions vary according to the weather. Bridges may ice over and slopes become slippery.
  • Bring your own water and carry plenty of it.
  • Portable restrooms available in Gravel Trailhead Lot and at Chicopee Lake.

Think Before You Touch

  • Be alert. Give wild creatures living along the trails and in the woods a wide berth.
  • Most plants along the trails and in the woods are “people-friendly,” but a few like poison ivy are not. Learn to identify problem plants and give them a wide berth, too.
  • Resist the temptation to put your fingers in interesting holes along the trails to avoid providing some critter a snack!

If You Encounter Problems on the Trails

  • See a tree down or notice a maintenance issue? Report to Elachee at 770-535-1976 or EMAIL US.
  • Call 911 in case of emergency.
    • Reference the trail you are on and the nearest mile marker (posted every 0.25 mile along each trail).
    • If you are near the Elachee Visitor Center, give this address: 2125 Elachee Drive, Gainesville, GA 30504
    • If you are near the Chicopee Woods Aquatic Studies Center at Chicopee Lake, give this address: 2100 Calvary Church Road, Gainesville, GA 30507