Hiking Trails = Sanity in 2020

Take a Hike! Jaime Did.

November 27, 2020


I completed the 150-mile challenge yesterday! 

I wanted to share that I do not know how I would have kept my sanity through the 2020 pandemic without Elachee hiking trails remaining open. Learn why access to the hiking trails in the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve and Elachee Nature Science Center helped this hiker stay sane during the 2020 pandemic.

My husband and I attended the New Year's guided hike on January 1, which prompted us to buy an annual pass. At the time, I did not know how valuable that pass would be. 

I love to run and hike different places. When the nearby running track and other hiking trails were all shutting down, I kept checking the Elachee website, dreading its closure as well. I am so grateful that Elachee remained open. 

I enjoyed watching [the Chicopee Woods] go from brown to colorful in the spring, watching the ferns unfurl as the nation was shutting down. During the springtime, Elachee [Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve] offered a brand new scenery each day. My miles slowed in the summer months. Then, a competitive step challenge brought me back full speed in the fall, and again, each day offered a new scenery of changing fall colors.

I was in awe over the beauty beyond words. Elachee is now turning brown again with a few pops of color from the remaining autumn leaves, and I reminisce with gratitude for all Elachee has offered this year: the physical, mental, and emotional benefits during the 2020 pandemic are priceless. 

I have absolutely fallen in love with Elachee and look forward to many more miles as we go through the changing seasons of another year.

Thank you so much,
Jaime Morris

Accept the Hiking for Health: 150-mile Chicopee Challenge

You still have the full month of December 2020 to log miles toward your 150-mile cumulative goal. Elachee will also host a guided Last Day hike (by reservation only) on December 31 (details being finalized). Download your hiking log.

Even if you are unable to fulfill this mileage challenge, take a hike anyway. The Chicopee Woods scenery is stunning this time of year. The lingering color from late turning autumn leaves stands out against the backdrop of trees already bare for the winter. Wildlife is busy foraging for cold weather, so you never know who you may encounter.

The Elachee organization is grateful to Northside Hospital, presenting sponsor for the 2020 Hiking for Health 150-mile Chicopee Challenge.