Gifts of Time

I love collaborating with our corporate partners to create a workday experience that matches the timing and interests that best suit their employees’ needs.  

by Amy Bradford, Community Relations Manager, Elachee Nature Science Center

At Elachee, we work with a number of local companies’ employee volunteer programs, and I am always humbled by the fact that employees ask to spend their one volunteer day a year with Elachee. We’ve even had volunteers use their personal vacation days to be part of Elachee’s volunteer efforts! Elachee’s natural resource volunteers, alone, contribute over 2,800 hours every year working on a variety of conservation projects. 

Whether doing hard-labor of trail clean up after storms, helping us prepare public event materials or fielding a team for event day, to sprucing up the Nature Center grounds for seasonal festivals and our donor events, Elachee’s corporate volunteers are a dedicated and much-loved group. The volunteer support we receive from these corporate partners is invaluable, plus our organization is edified by the friendships we gain through our time together. 

ZF Industries-Gainesville employees volunteered to help Elachee's natural resources team clean-up trails in Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve after Hurricane Irma.ZF Industries, for example, is one of our go-to teams for heavy-lifting, deep woods volunteer work. After Hurricane Irma’s devastation in the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve this past September, we scheduled a volunteer workday with the Gainesville, Georgia ZF employees.

This wonderful team loved hiking miles into the woods carrying chainsaws, fire rakes and axes to clean up scores of fallen trees downed during the storm. It was impressive to see such a cohesive group of people working together to tackle some pretty messy situations.

Kohl’s Associates in Action, from stores in and around Gainesville, routinely accept the call and provide assistance for Elachee’s seasonal events. These Kohl’s associates have spent countless hours in both administrative and taxing physical activities helping Elachee. Kohl's Associates in Action provide invaluable volunteer time helping Elachee with seasonal events and in conservation efforts around the Nature Center.

Not only did they stuff gift bags for Elachee’s Earth Day Trillium Trek Trail Run & Walk, many helped mark the race route along the Chicopee Woods hiking trails. Others have helped us transition quickly from hosting hundreds of school children at Elachee for field trips during the day to having an immaculate event venue in the evening for our annual Flights of Fancy Benefit & Auction. In addition, they have spread numerous truckloads of mulch around the Nature Center grounds and to keep the Elachee Nature Academy playground spiffy for our students.

Volunteering at Elachee

If your business has an employee volunteer program and you are interested in partnering with Elachee, call 770-535-1976 x234 or EMAIL with specific details.

Elachee’s natural resource staff will identify projects, then will schedule and provide supervisory oversight for individual volunteers and groups seeking community service opportunities.

Partnering with Elachee

Elachee’s mission to educate today to preserve for tomorrow strikes a chord with many organizations seeking to improve work, life and play in their communities. Learn more about the Elachee Annual Sponsor Program, in addition to other ways your business may partner with Elachee. Call 770-535-1976 x226 to learn more or to get started.