Getting to Know You

Preschoolers new to Elachee Nature Academy are getting the chance this summer to meet and learn with lead teacher Angela Belanger. She has been holding ‘simulated’ classes for several students at a time along with their siblings and parents. Elachee Nature Academy Preschool small group orientation has been a fun way to prepare young students for the upcoming school year.

This informal orientation to nature preschool accomplishes three objectives. 

1. It breaks the ice, giving young students the chance to get acquainted with new friends, bond with their teacher and get a taste of learning outdoors.

2. It allows Miss Angela to observe, interact and assess each child to better understand how to hit the ground running when school starts in August.

3. It gives parents the chance to glimpse what their children will enjoy each day when engaged in creative discovery and experiential learning in nature.

Today, the young students participating took a short hike with Miss Angela along Elachee’s Storybook Trail where they read The Tall, Tall Grass, stopping between kiosks to find bugs and look at plants. They collected sticks and cut long grass to make paint brushes, before breaking away for water play and other independent play activities. 

Parent Alert: A new children’s book, I Went Walking, is coming to Elachee’s Storybook Trail in early July! Find the book posted to a series of kiosks along a stretch of the Geiger Trail, which is a paved and stroller-accessible. 

Accompanying her younger brother, a former ENA student who is now a rising 3rd grader told her father, “I forgot how fun preschool is. I love it here.”

Elachee Nature Academy plans to start the 2020-2021 school year Monday, August 10, 2020, on campus with in-person Preschool and Kindergarten-1st Grade classes. That plan is subject to change if circumstances warrant.

Is ‘Nature School’ a Fit for Your Child?

The Elachee Nature Academy Preschool offers parents a quality education choice for their 3- and 4-year-old children. Key advantages are:

  • Curriculum meets Georgia learning standards.
  • Students benefit from three hours of guided outdoor instruction equaling 50% of each school day.
  • Small class size has a 1:6 teacher student ratio.
  • Program is fully licensed and accredited.
  • Preschool features a specially designed classroom and playscapes.
  • ENA’s Preschool offers full- and part-time enrollment options.

Call the Director of Schools at 770-535-1976 or email to schedule a tour.