Fond Memories Inspire Elachee Facility Rentals

We’re seeing an interesting phenomenon at Elachee. “While giving tours for rentals and meeting with families, I’ve found that a remarkable number of brides and grooms visited Elachee as children,” reports Judy Stock, Nature Shop Manager and Rental Coordinator. “We’ve joked that we should give coupons to third graders for a discount on their weddings!”

These individuals remember Elachee from their childhoods: hiking trails, wading in the creek, attending Camp Elachee, seeing the live animal room or visiting Elachee as part of a school field trip.

“It feels like a full circle moment for them to have an important event, like a wedding, at the same place they saw their first snake or where they played in our woods,” Judy explains. “To go from a child with a rock in their pocket to an adult presenting a diamond to their partner in life, it’s a beautiful thing. Elachee is honored to be a part of it!”

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