Elachee VIRTUAL Science Night

Date & Time
November 04th, 2020 7:00 PM

SPEAKER: Tom Diggs, PhD, University of North Georgia, Associate Professor of Plant Biology

TOPIC: Biogeography, Genetics and Prairie Clover (Dalea sp.)

As the centuries and the millennia roll by, the climate and other conditions in our world change. Learn more about Dr. Diggs’ research on those changes in terms of evolutionary change – speciation. With the prairie clovers, he will lead a discussion on how we ended up with a little of the desert Southwest in the Deep South.

Elachee Nature Science Center is pleased to host this monthly virtual Science Night to engage the community in environmental education and discussion. This program is best suited for adults.

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Elachee’s Fall 2020 Virtual Science Night Program Series is presented by Northside Hospital and event sponsors David Eisner and Adrienne Lloyd.