Find Thyme to Visit Elachee

By Alyson Shields, Reporter, WDUN/ACCESS North Georgia - published August 20, 2016

I wouldn't call myself outdoorsy. I spend most of my time inside, and when I'm not tied to the newsdesk, I'm preferably under a blanket, with a cat. My skin burns pretty much the second I step outside and I've definitely suffered a heat related illness once or twice... or three times. I may or may not have appeared in the ER at Northeast Georgia Medical for a third degree sunburn my senior year of college. Being from Wisconsin, I much prefer colder temperatures and darker skies, even though I've lived in Georgia since 1998. Sure, I like the outdoors - it just doesn't seem to like me all that much.

But there is one very outdoorsy thing I can get down with, and that's the Elachee Nature Science Center in the Chicopee area. Tucked behind the highway and under plenty of shady trees, I took a tour of Elachee earlier this week.  READ FULL BLOG