Elachee Seats 2018 Board

Elachee Welcomes Three New Trustees to Its Board

“Elachee is excited to bring in three new board members: Anna Guzman, Jason Everett and Kevin Bales,” announces Rob Robinson, Board of Trustees Chair, Elachee Nature Science Center. “With their diverse range in industry, business and education, these new Trustees will bring assets to the table and will help Elachee reach new segments of our community. We welcome their contributions and are happy to have them!”

Kevin Bales, named to Elachee Nature Science Center's 2018 Board of Trustees.Kevin Bales is the Assistant Superintendent for Hall County Schools.

Jason Everett has been named to the Elachee Nature Science Center 2018 Board of Trustees.Jason Everett is the owner of Gainesville Flooring, Inc.

Anna Guzman has joined the Elachee Nature Science Center's 2018 Board of Trustees.Anna Guzman is Jackson EMC’s District Director-Office Services. 


These new members join Elachee’s 2018 Board of Trustees including: Chair Rob Robinson, Vice Chair Kelly Anne Miles, Secretary Emily Bagwell, Treasurer Dallas Gay, along with Trustees  Beth BellMaria CalkinsWill CobbLance GardnerSteve GilliamJohn GirardeauJay KilroyGale McKibbonMartha NesbittEd SchraderAl TrembleyDixie TrueloveKelvin Whisenhunt, Trey Wood and R.K. Whitehead (Emeritus).

Answering the Call

Jason also supports Elachee as an Annual Sponsor through his business, Gainesville Flooring. His wife, Allyson also serves on the 2018 Flights of Fancy Benefit & Auction volunteer steering committee. Recently, Jason explained what his Elachee ties mean to him.

“I fell in love with Elachee when my kids were young and we could easily walk along their trails letting them just play in the woods. If you have ever thought about the true meaning of Elachee’s mission, ‘educate today to preserve for tomorrow,’ then you know why I’ve chosen to become an Elachee Trustee and be an Elachee Corporate Sponsor,” says Jason Everett.

“Elachee educates both adults and youth about the importance of our natural world. It protects this great resource right here in our backyard, but most important to me is it offers an escape and an accessible place to get people outside.” He adds, “Our company is committed to Hall County and I can’t think of a better place that improves both the mental and physical health of our community than Elachee Nature Science Center.”

He shares, “Our daughter attended Elachee’s first preschool class at Elachee Nature Academy, and to this day she feels such a connection to nature and animals. The foundation of nature-loving she gained at Elachee is exactly why we chose to be an Elachee Corporate Sponsor. We have seen first-hand how this exposure to learning about the outdoors can positively influence the next generation, which is our future.”

As a destination, the Everetts are fans. “When friends visit, we always take a trip to Elachee. We can hike and see native plants but also learn about animals and Native American history. The bee-hive has always been a favorite! I am not a big fan of snakes, but somehow I ended up at Elachee Snake Day with the kids and came away much more educated and less-scared of all the snakes found in north Georgia. Elachee is able to educate both kids and adults while at the same time facilitate having fun... with snakes! We are fortunate to have such a great educational resource so close to home.”

Discover, Learn and Play at Elachee

Elachee Nature Science Center is a private, independently operated 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. For nearly 40 years, this premier SACS/AdvancED-accredited nature center has been instrumental in building environmental literacy for Georgians and has become beloved a destination to connect with the natural world.

Elachee engages tens of thousands of visitors annually with quality nature programming and environmental education experiences for school children, families and nature lovers. Of note, the Nature Center’s longest running program, Camp Elachee, has been named the 2017 and 2018 Best of Hall Summer Camp for its rich history of getting children outdoors during school breaks. The Nature Center campus is also home to Elachee Nature Academy, the first SACS-accredited and licensed Nature Preschool and Nature Kindergarten-1st Grade programs in the southeast.

Elachee is nestled in one of Georgia’s largest protected green spaces, the 1,440 acre Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve. As conservator in perpetuity for this regional treasure, Elachee’s preserve management team facilitates conservation initiatives with community partners, in addition to coordinating a volunteer trail crew to maintain 12 miles of hiking trails accessible to the public year round.

Elachee relies on earned income and tax-deductible donations, annual and corporate sponsorships, planned gifts, grants and proceeds from the annual Flights of Fancy Benefit & Auction to fund operations. Visit elachee.org to learn more.