Elachee 2016: By the Numbers

We invite you to see how children, families and nature lovers benefit from the generosity of Elachee supporters. Check out our progress this year, Elachee 2016: BY THE NUMBERS.

Ask 100 people what they feel is most important about the environment, it’s likely you’ll get 100 different answers. What’s yours?

For nearly four decades, Elachee’s answer has been and continues to be this: to promote environmental understanding through education and conservation

Elachee Nature Science Center 2016 Highlights and Milestones

A 6th grader apprehensively boarded the Chota Princess II for Elachee’s Lake Lanier Aquatic Studies Program. “She’d never been on a boat,” shared Elachee Naturalist Alison Thompson. “After passing the no wake zone, I looked over and saw she and her friends smiling huge, arms spread in the wind, laughing. She told me, ‘This is the best experience of my life!’”  

At the close of this year’s Camp Elachee ‘Creek Days’ summer day camp, a camper told her counselor, “I didn’t think I’d like it, but camp is fun and I really care about saving the Earth.”

“Dad, Dad, over here! Remember, I told you about this,” overheard Elachee’s Director of Education Peter Gordon at this year’s Snake Day. Peter asked the young boy if he’d been before. “Yes, on two school field trips. I brought my Daddy back so he could see the snakes.”

Elachee Nature Academy Pre-K Teacher Angela Belanger was tickled to hear a student grasp the concept of a soil lesson while making mud pies. “The sun cooks the pie,” said the little girl. “The water goes up into the clouds and the pie turns hard like a rock. We don’t eat these pies.”

It took a year for Elachee’s Volunteer Trail Crew to relocate of a portion of West Lake Trail to prevent its collapse into Vulture Rock Creek. “Trail crew gives me the opportunity to build the trail and maintain the forest for future generations of hikers,” explains volunteer Carol van Dyck. “Maintenance is just as important as a new trail. I feel honored to be a part of that.”

May we count on your tax deductible year-end donation to Elachee? Make a secure donation to Elachee Nature Science Center. This tax-deductible gift will support environmental education for children, families and nature lovers, as well as help with conservation initiatives in one of Georgia's largest greenspaces, the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve in Gainesville.

We will put your gift to work teaching the next generation of Earth stewards the science behind the environment. Your gift will also help us protect the treasures within one of Georgia’s largest greenspaces, the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve.

Thank you for your unwavering commitment and willingness to nurture what you value – children, nature education and the environment we all share.

Season's Greetings from the Elachee Family