Creature Feature Spectacular

by Amy Bradford

Camp Elachee 2018: Week 8, July 16-20

Creature Feature week at Camp Elachee is always one of the biggest adventures of the summer! A young camper explained it best to her grandmother, “It doesn’t matter if it rains today. We’ll just go in another room and learn something!” (P.S. perfect weather this week!)

The Place to Be

Go Team Camp Elachee 2018Green Acres has nothing on the ‘Elachee Ranch,’ the place to be for this week’s Creature Feature spectacular! Mr. Nick, Camp Elachee program assistant, got the campers’ blood flowing each morning with daily down-home-style, cotton-eyed-joe festivities. Yee-haw fashion statements set the tone Wednesday as many campers donned hats and bandanas. This gung-ho group really got into theme and couldn’t contain their enthusiasm!

Animal-tastic Adventures

Wildlife Wonders’ farm animal petting zoo gave campers the chance to make friends with pigs, sheep, goats and Shetland ponies – just a few of the animals roaming around for this fun activity. Another Camp Elachee favorite, the Barnyard Bash, was a showstopper. Campers loved the field-day games that included a balloon toss, animal ring toss, cornhole competition and even lassoing a whale. Wildlife Wonders comes to visit Camp Elachee 2018 during Creature Feature week.

And we can’t forget our day of dinosaurs! This Prehistoric Palooza likely had your camper talking about herbivores, omnivores, fossils, megalodons and trilobites. In fact, many camp groups spent their entire day in the ‘dino-spirit,’ making their own fossils and playing ‘pin the horn’ on the Triceratops.

The Elachee Live Animal Exhibit also saw a lot of action this week. Campers loved learning about the resident reptiles and amphibians that call Elachee home. From corn snakes to rat snakes and salamanders to box turtles, campers met these Georgia-natives and learned their essential role in our local ecosystem. What about the out-of-towners? Elachee’s Live Animal Exhibit also showcases non-native animals such as an Uromastyx and bearded dragon. Campers were fascinated to learn the differences in these animals’ habitats compared to the Georgia-native animals.Touching a snake is always a grand adventure when visiting Elachee's live animal exhibits, as children attending Camp Elachee 2018 discovered!

Animal themes dominated group activities. Everyday a different group was walking around sporting face paint depicting masterpieces of eagles, snakes, cats, and tigers. Crafts are always a fun part of our camps, and this week there was no shortage of creative energy! Campers loved making paper bag animal puppets, paper plate snakes, egg carton turtles, and more. Some groups even made their own sidewalk chalk.

Winding down their summer break adventures, this memorable Creature Feature spectacular will likely be one our campers remember for years to come.

Meet Our Camp Elachee 2018 Counselors!

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Meet Qwanesha Davis

Qwanesha Davis, Camp Elachee 2018 CounselorQwanesha was born in Malibu, Ca., but has been in Georgia for most of her life. She got into nature when she moved to Georgia. As a little girl, Qwanesha was terrified of insects until she saw her brothers outside catching fire flies. This sparked her curiosity and she wanted to join her brothers! This huge moment made a lifelong memory. In high school, Qwanesha started an environmental club. Every other Saturday, club members met at a park, split into two teams to talk about nature, catch insects, and try to catch fish. At the end of the day everyone would gather to discuss share their findings. She and her friends simply loved being immersed in nature! Qwanesha is excited to bring her curiosity and love for nature to Camp Elachee!

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