Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Is Elachee a wildlife rescue or rehabilitation facility?

A:   No. Elachee cannot accept injured or orphaned wildlife because this 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization is not licensed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR) to handle animal rehabilitation. Please contact one of these recommended Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities and Resources VIEW

Q:   I found a…What do I do?

A:   Elachee offers tips/advice for handling these situations:

  • I found a baby bird. What do I do? READ MORE
  • I found a baby squirrel. What do I do? READ MORE
  • I found turtle crossing the road. Where should I take it? READ MORE
  • I found a snake in my yard. Is it venomous? READ MORE
  • I have a raccoon coming into my yard. What can I feed it? READ MORE
  • I hit a bird. What do I do? READ MORE

Q:   Can I walk my dog at Elachee?

A:   Weekends Only. Dogs, and other pets, are not permitted Monday through Friday. Leashed pets are welcome on the Elachee campus and the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve walking trails Saturday and Sunday only. Dogs must be on a leash at all times to protect children, wildlife and for the safety of your pet. The weekends-only dog/pet policy meets requirements for Elachee’s State of Georgia license to operate the Elachee Nature Preschool.

Q:   What native animals and plants live in Chicopee Woods?

A:   Thanks to the help of volunteers and community partners, Elachee has compiled the following:

  • Birds of Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve CHECKLIST
  • Plants of Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve CHECKLIST
  • Plant Communities of Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve MAP