Elachee Community Partnerships in Action

Elachee has forged invaluable community partnerships to champion projects that enhance the visitor experience to Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve.

  • National Audubon Society Important Bird Area

    The National Audubon Society has designated the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve as an Important Bird Area, recognizing it as an essential area for migrating and nesting birds.

  • National Old Growth Forest Network

    Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve has been identified among the less than one percent of the Eastern United States’ forests intact long enough to have developed Old Growth Forest characteristics.

  • Walnut Creek Suspension Walking Bridge

    Thanks to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Recreation Trails Program, the Dunlap Trail links the East Lake and West Lake trails with a 150-foot suspension bridge crossing Walnut Creek that complements the natural environs, making this part of the Nature Preserve even more accessible. HIKING TRAILS
  • E-House 

    The Elachee Visitor Center campus includes a demonstration E-House that displays energy conservation and sustainable building practices. LEARN MORE
  • Pervious Paving System

    To control erosion and manage storm water run-off for a heavily-trafficked parking lot at Elachee’s Visitor Center, this collaborative project made possible an innovative pervious surface. LEARN MORE