Company Volunteers while in the Neighborhood

When international firm Soliant Consulting contacted Elachee about a volunteer project to coincide with their company conference at Lake Lanier Islands Resort, we had just the activity. On a brisk February day, Elachee Preserve Manager Lee Irminger put this volunteer trail crew to work!

“One of our mottos at Soliant Consulting is ‘the first things we build are relationships,’ relationships with each other, with our clients and with our community,” explains Bob Bowers, CEO Soliant Consulting. “Every year the entire company gets together for a few days of meetings and social activities to foster genuine comradery within the company. Our volunteer experience at Elachee Nature Science Center was a great opportunity for us to put these words into practice.”

Team members work in offices in different cities and from their homes. As part of their company gathering, Soliant Consulting wanted employees to get outside and work together as a team-building exercise. This project was an ideal way to bring these individuals together and build espirit de corps – while at the same time contributing to the local community.

“They worked together just fine initially,” shares Lee, “Though I did notice that the group began to function even more cohesively and were more comfortable with each other as the day went on.”

“The facility that Elachee maintains is amazing! The trails are beautiful, the playgrounds so fun the adults want to go and play, and the programs offered to children and the community are truly inspiring,” says Bob. “Shoveling mulch and digging new trails resulted in many smiles and laughs at the end of the day. The relationships built and strengthened within our group that day will continue to grow throughout the year and be carried into the work that we do at our desks and computers every day.”

In fact, the Soliant Consulting team had such a great time they asked to be a sponsor for Elachee's Trillium Trek Trail Run 2016 on March 19!

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