Campers Explore Animal Habitats

Camp Elachee 2018: Week 2, June 4-8

by Amy Bradford

Habitat Haven

“Are you my friend?” “Yeah! Duh!”

Small groups make for lasting friendships! Our campers enjoyed another fun-filled, action-packed week at Camp Elachee. This week was all about animals and their lifestyles. And no joke… they got up close and personal with these critters in a lot of cool ways!

Camp Elachee 2018 welcomed Dale with Winged Ambassadors for a very special Dale from Winged Ambassadors brought his Raptor Show to Camp Elachee this week for the campers’ very own birds of prey demonstration! (Psst, what the public sees when they come to Elachee’s annual Raptor Fest each March!). Campers saw a live Peregrine Falcon, Red-Tail Hawk, Black Vulture and Barred Owl. Campers even got to see a Eurasian Owl that was featured in a popular TV drama filmed in Atlanta. During this spectacular presentation, Dale taught the campers about the lifestyle, development and habitat of each animal. What a flapping good show!

Bringing the Artic to Chicopee Woods, the Friday afternoon Polar Plunge relay race was a blast. There’s nothing better on a hot day than learning about polar bears and other artic animals, and how they stay warm in freezing temperatures. Each camp group competed in the Polar Plunge where (among other things) they had to break open a frozen t-shirt and dip in a chilly ice pool.

Throughout the week, as campers went on hikes and played in the Chicopee Woods’ creeks, the search was on for the Golden Snake. Huh? Each day this toy snake was hidden and the group to find it first won for the day. Scavenger hunts throughout the nature preserve, like this, are always a hit with our camp groups, and bragging rights are never squandered! Each Camp Elachee week, campers have a chance to meet residents in Elachee's Live Animal Exhibits.

The Elachee Live Animal Exhibit was also a popular destination for campers this week. Groups who visited the exhibit learned about turtles, tortoises, frogs, salamanders, snakes and more! One interesting lesson for campers was seeing the differences between the animals’ enclosure habitats. Elachee’s animal curators have done a magnificent job creating natural environments for these year-round residents. For example, some creatures like mulch as bedding while others prefer rocks. Many have large food bowls with crickets and meal worms, while others have small food bowls with veggies. It is through these differences that campers were able to learn more about the varying needs of animals and therefore what their individual habitats need to include.

Meet our Camp Elachee 2018 Counselors!

In each blog, we highlight one or more of our awesome Camp Elachee 2018 counselors.

Meet Madison Cagle

Meet Madison Cagle, Camp Elachee 2018 CounselorBorn and raised in northeast Georgia, Madison Cagle grew up with a strong love for animals and the outdoors. Her passion for nature first began with all the camping trips her family took. It was on those trips she learned how to ride a bike, swim, observe the night time stars and study insects. While growing up Madison’s love for the mountains expanded to the oceans. At 16, she became a certified scuba diver, and since that time she has spent most of her summers in the Florida Keys diving the coral reefs. Madison is currently enrolled at the University of North Georgia and will soon complete her degree in Early Childhood Education. She has an enthusiasm for teaching kids and helping them learn about nature! Madison is having a great time teaching and helping the summer campers grow in their curiosity and love for the outdoors!

Meet Bailey Marrero

Meet Bailey Marrero, Camp Elachee 2018 CounselorBailey Marrero is from Fayetteville, N.C., but she is going to be calling the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill home for at least the next three years. However, this summer she has joined the Camp Elachee crew as a first time counselor and with Gainesville her stomping grounds. Bailey has always had a passion for working with children and a calling for nature. She has been working with children since a very young age since she is the oldest of seven. This summer she looks forward to gaining experience working outdoors with children. Bailey finally gets to be around others that share the same passions as her, and the chance learn everything she can about science, nature and Camp Elachee. She is very excited to learn from her coworkers and children to make this summer the best it can be!

Looking Ahead

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