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Camp Elachee 2021 Forest Forensics summer day campCamp Elachee 2021: Forest Forensics – Week 2

Over hills, in creeks and through the woods… campers spent June 7-11 exploring the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve. Here they learned how to look at nature through an investigative lens of examination and critical thought, putting into practice the week’s theme, Forest Forensics.

This was truly a week for unusual discoveries!

History Revealed

At Camp Elachee, campers play in the creeks of the Chicopee Woods Nature Preserve. This unstructured play time is built into their themed camp session. Campers create games (only they know the rules to, FYI), construct dams with rocks and searching for critters (macroinvertebrates) in the creek bed, among other things. In their play THIS week, our young explorers discovered not one, but two arrowheads, one being a Morrow Mountain Point! Other campers spotted rainbows in the waterbeds leading counselors to give an impromptu lesson on how these prisms are formed. Determined to find the end of the rainbow, one determined young camper made it his mission to dig until it was time to head back up the trail. How fun! Camp Elachee 2021

Another highlight for many campers was a cicada sighting. As many know, this is the 17th year in the cycle for cicadas, causing a massive emergence of this insect in the northeastern U.S. Looks like we had a few make it further south, because our cicada decided to make friends with camper Hunter, who when told he had a bug on his shirt, simply smiled and asked what it was. 

Fostering that innate curiosity and working to get children more comfortable with the unknown in nature is part of what makes Camp Elachee so unique.

Real World Lessons

Camp Elachee also inspires children to look deeper into Chicopee Woods to find wildlife and native plants, with a goal they will apply those lessons at home. Mid-week a camper greeted counselor that morning with Twinkles the Turtle, saying, “I brought you a box turtle I found, but it doesn’t have a box.”

Camp Elachee 2021Although our campers loved having the box turtle join them for the day, Elachee staff took the opportunity to share a very important fact: during their lives, box turtles will only roam one square mile or so from home! This means that a displaced box turtle (or one taken from its habitat for show and tell) will spend all their time and energy trying to return to their habitat. The key takeaway from the lesson? Leave turtles and other wildlife where we find them. Later that day, our camper happily took the box turtle home to release it back into its natural space, in her grandmother’s backyard.

Getting Crafty

Crafts are always a popular staple at Camp Elachee.  Counselor Ms. Rainey, who is also an assistant teacher with the Elachee Nature Academy during the school year, taught her group how to create butterflies using coffee filters. One of her campers decided to create a lunar moth, instead. Talk about using your creativity! Way to go, Linus.

Camp Elachee: Looking Ahead
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Camp Week 4: June 21-25, 2021

  • Pre-Kindergarten: Green and Growing
  • (Elementary) K-6: Green and Growing

Camp Week 5: June 28 – July 2, 2021

  • (Elementary) K-6: Aquatic Adventures 
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  • (Middle) 7-8th Grade: Careers in Nature

Camp Week 6: July 5-9, 2021 

  • Pre-Kindergarten: Aquatic Adventures
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  • (Elementary) K-6: Backwoods Explorers
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Camp Week 7: July 12-16, 2021

  • (Elementary) K-6: Prehistoric Palooza
  • (Middle) 7-8th: Camper vs. The Wild
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Camp Week 8: July 19-23, 2021

  • Pre-Kindergarten: Curious Crawlers
  • (Elementary) K-6: Curious Crawlers

Camp Week 9: July 26-30, 2021

  • (Elementary) K-6: Camp Rewind

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